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Multifandom Friendship Ficathon
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The aim of this comm is for you to produce, in the given period of a ficathon, a piece of fanfiction in the fandom of your choice. All fandoms are welcome, regardless of the medium. The requirements?

- It must feature a friendship between two canon characters, one male, one female. Not romance; not familial: Friendship.
- Betaed for grammar and spelling, at the minimum
- Again, no romantic subtext or text: this is a friendship ficathon. If you want to include a side pairing, fine, but it should in no way be the focus of the fic. (I.E., if you want to write a Wash/Kaylee friendship, it's fine to include nods to the Wash/Zoe ship, but it should not be the basis of the friendship, and a Wash/Kaylee romance must not be implicit.)
- Min. 200 words in length; over that, you can go as long as you like
- Inspired in some way by the phrase that you will be assigned at random. The phrase (or a paraphrase thereof) can be included in the actual text, but does not have to be; it just needs to be the inspiration, in some form, for the fic.

Sign-ups will officially open August 15th and close August 22nd. On the 23rd, I will e-mail a random phrase to each participant, who then has until September 23rd to write a friendship fic and post it to this comm. That gives you a full month to write a fic of any length over 200 words.

I look forward to your participation!

This ficathon/challenge is run and maintained by chicafrom3.